Friday, 18 August 2017

Blue-lined Beauty

I bought this 1920s jacket two summers ago and I remember waiting impatiently for some cooler weather to start wearing it. Despite the fur cuffs, it is incredibly light-weight and no good for actual winter weather, but I have a few windows of opportunity to wear it during the transitional months and cooler summer days (we get a lot of those during an English summer). It is a little on the large side, so I tend to belt it- though worn loose the beautiful blue silk lining and swing cut are better appreciated. There are so many reasons I adore this piece; Mandarin collar and fur-cuffs aside, the print is an incredible mix of all my favourite colours- royal blue, burnt orange, and burgundy. It was sold to me as a 1920s adaptation of a Victorian shawl, something quite common at the time. The jacket certainly bears all the hallmarks of being a handmade, re-purposed shawl, but the pattern looks printed, not woven, and seems unusual in design/colour to be genuinely Victorian. Not sure what to think, but I love it regardless. Perhaps someone more familiar with Victorian shawls could enlighten me?

Vintage jacket and bag, ASOS shoes and trousers, H&M blouse, antique/vintage jewellery

Matching blue nails, and blue glass brooch, were a must.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Orange Blush

British summertime is notoriously temperamental, so a cover-up of some sort is handy. I've been wearing this robe so much, as it is lightweight, dressy, and goes with most things in my wardrobe. The black and soft-pink brocade features a Japanese garden scene, with pagoda, bridge, birds, trees and a fan-wielding geisha. It hopefully avoids the gaudy tropes of tourist-market Orientalism...? Worn over a silk blouse that is caped, so extra aeration to the back is provided... you know, for when the sun comes out. The orange/blush colour-block shoes were a purchase on a whim; I bought them whilst wearing this outfit and they just happened to complement the blouse and robe perfectly. Note to self, silk creases like a bitch.

Vintage robe, Math Collective blouse, Issey Miyake Pleats Please trousers, Vanessa Wu shoes, ASOS bag, antique belt and vintage jewellery. 

Surreal, melting hand brooch will always be a favourite of mine. It has a cuff and ring detail; I like the idea of my jewellery wearing jewellery. 

Sunday, 25 June 2017

Pleats and Pompadours

We may be having one of the hottest Junes ever, but no, I'm not currently sporting a polo-neck and socks... I'm just super bad at uploading photos within a sensible time-frame (I think this is the last of my transitional/early Spring looks- something more weather apropos is on the horizon). I've resorted to a bouffant to try and tame the unruly haystack atop my head; it's a throwback to my days of Gibson Girl hair-styling. I do enjoy the aesthetic and freedom that comes with short, and unstraightened hair, but the urge to grow it long and attain hirsute heights is constantly lurking below the surface. Anyway, I wore this look for a meal out; baggy trousers allow for extra dessert. Matching my Moorish antique tooled-leather bag with the vaguely Arabian pattern of my blouse, completed with lace-up shoes and galalith cameo.

ASOS turtleneck and shoes, Zara blouse, Pleats Please Issey Miyake culottes, antique bag, all antique/vintage jewellery.  

Cinnabar ring 

Sunday, 11 June 2017

Layered Lace

Pulled this lace blouse/waistcoat from the depths of my drawers as it layers so well over many things, not least my completely-overworn blush turtleneck (last outfit with this for now, promise). The oranges and reds nicely reflect the colours in my earrings which I have been haphazardly making recently; just simple tasselled designs, but its fun to custom make colour-palettes with my own wardrobe in mind. Shiny shoes demand a shiny bag, so I went for the smallest one I own. Still getting through a backlog of 'wintery' outfits from earlier in the year, hence the turtleneck in June; trying to keep on top of it, but at this rate you'll be seeing summer looks in the autumn ūüė£.

Topshop lace blouse and boots, H&M turtleneck and trousers, Vivienne Westwood bag, vintage opera coat and scarf of dubious origin (below).

Wednesday, 31 May 2017


Pretty sure I bought this scarf after witnessing the incredible Givenchy Fall 2014 show... absolutely ancient history in terms of fashion, but a collection that really stuck with me. I usually find the butterfly a bit cliche and overused as a decorative motif, but Tisci's use of it was just beautiful, most especially in this dress. The whole collection was perhaps more polished and ladylike than typical Tisci, but it retained a subversive, kinky feel; I adored the earthy, peachy colour palette, the use of extra sheer hosiery, and killer heels. Worn with a twee pinafore skirt, my (sadly-not-Givenchy) scarf is big enough to drape into a cape style, and perfectly compliments the coppery tones I wear so much of these days.  

ASOS skirt, H&M turtleneck, Dune shoes, vintage belt and jewellery, Becks√∂ndergaard scarf 

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Medieval Military

I bought this bodice a couple of years ago and despite being wool, on the few occasions I've worn it, I've opted to dress it up as evening-wear. It's from the 1970s and according to the seller came with matching high-waisted flares that attached to the bodice via the hook and eyes that line its hem (I wasn't too disappointed to hear that these were disintegrated beyond repair and disposed of by the seller). Bit of an odd choice for me; I'm not hugely fond of the 70s, the faded sage green colour isn't exactly prevalent in my wardrobe, and the structure is pretty rigid and shoulder-enhancing. But... I loved the beaded, medieval crest, and I have super narrow shoulders so welcomed the idea of a bit of balance to my hips. I'd just seen the Marc Jacobs SS15 show when I bought this, which fused femininity, sage green, military details and jet black hair to surprisingly pleasing effect, and obviously urged me to buy something slightly different for me (but not actual Marc Jacobs, sorry Marc). 

Vintage bodice and bag, Lanvin shoes, ASOS skirt, self-made belt.

The Lanvin shoes I first spotted way-back in 2009, and thanks to persistent ebaying, I managed to make them mine two or three years ago, brand new, and for a very good price. Never give up!  


And dressed down with a white turtleneck (which oddly adds a sci-fi/jockey vibe to the already confusing mixture of medieval/military)

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