Saturday, 16 September 2017

House of Homps

There's a definite chill in the air now, so what better time to share some snaps/outfits from my holiday to the south of France a few weeks ago? We stayed in a little town on the Canal du Midi called Homps, and enjoyed some fantastic weather, wine and scenery. I spent a lot of time wearing as little as possible, and a lot of time photographing the area rather than myself, hence only two outfits to show (but I can assure you I did wear a colour other than mustard). 

Vintage cover-up, 1920s blouse, ASOS trousers, Topshop sandals, antique belt and jewellery


This is me in 'casual mode', wearing treggings (the absolute worst portmanteau), and flat sandals (!) for a day walking around the incredible Abbaye de Fontfroide. The necklace is a 1920s celluloid and French Jet piece I recently got for my birthday; and the star brooch is an Edwardian paste beauty, a stone from which I lost on the morning of our departure meaning I had to reluctantly walk away without finding it šŸ˜© Tracking down the exact shade and size of paste to replace it is going to be a mission, but I can barely look at it now without feeling sad/annoyed.

Zara blouse, Benetton treggings, SixtySeven sandals, vintage and antique jewellery. 


Les Halles des Narbonne

Plaque outside Narbonne Cathedral

Gate at the Abbaye de Fontfroide

Ceiling at the Abbey

Another gate at the Abbey

Reassembled stained-glass at the Abbey

The best part of any Abbey- the cloisters

Cloister model facing the real thing

Doing my best tourist pose at the within the cloisters

15th Century painted timber beams at the chateau in Capestang

And lastly shots from the glorious medieval church at Capestang, the Collegiale Saint-Etienne, which was decrepit and lovely with so many details. 

Monday, 28 August 2017

Peachy PJ's

Pretty standard summer uniform for me of skinny black trousers, strappy sandals, and a standout blouse. This dreamy silk blouse is an original 20s/30s piece -most probably worn as an item of loungewear- displaying a typically Oriental touch in its style. I was pretty excited to find it fitted me, as I believe it to be a child's...hurrah for my small shoulders (although wild arm movements are out of the question). The colour is a soft coppery-apricot, with deep blue trims and an applique of lilac and green, and there is a teeny tiny functional pocket to the bottom. The buttoned, asymmetrical high-neck and applique preclude the wearing of a necklace, which is weird for me as a devoted wearer of necklaces; some fancy earrings were therefore required, and these self-made copper tassels did just nicely. A large copper tote and matchy lilac nails completed the look. Can anyone date it more accurately for me? 

Vintage blouse, Topshop sandals, Ted Baker bag, ASOS trousers., self-made earrings, vintage jewels.

Friday, 18 August 2017

Blue-lined Beauty

I bought this 1920s jacket two summers ago and I remember waiting impatiently for some cooler weather to start wearing it. Despite the fur cuffs, it is incredibly light-weight and no good for actual winter weather, but I have a few windows of opportunity to wear it during the transitional months and cooler summer days (we get a lot of those during an English summer). It is a little on the large side, so I tend to belt it- though worn loose the beautiful blue silk lining and swing cut are better appreciated. There are so many reasons I adore this piece; Mandarin collar and fur-cuffs aside, the print is an incredible mix of all my favourite colours- royal blue, burnt orange, and burgundy. It was sold to me as a 1920s adaptation of a Victorian shawl, something quite common at the time. The jacket certainly bears all the hallmarks of being a handmade, re-purposed shawl, but the pattern looks printed, not woven, and seems unusual in design/colour to be genuinely Victorian. Not sure what to think, but I love it regardless. Perhaps someone more familiar with Victorian shawls could enlighten me?

Vintage jacket and bag, ASOS shoes and trousers, H&M blouse, antique/vintage jewellery

Matching blue nails, and blue glass brooch, were a must.

Friday, 14 July 2017

Orange Blush

British summertime is notoriously temperamental, so a cover-up of some sort is handy. I've been wearing this robe so much, as it is lightweight, dressy, and goes with most things in my wardrobe. The black and soft-pink brocade features a Japanese garden scene, with pagoda, bridge, birds, trees and a fan-wielding geisha. It hopefully avoids the gaudy tropes of tourist-market Orientalism...? Worn over a silk blouse that is caped, so extra aeration to the back is provided... you know, for when the sun comes out. The orange/blush colour-block shoes were a purchase on a whim; I bought them whilst wearing this outfit and they just happened to complement the blouse and robe perfectly. Note to self, silk creases like a bitch.

Vintage robe, Math Collective blouse, Issey Miyake Pleats Please trousers, Vanessa Wu shoes, ASOS bag, antique belt and vintage jewellery. 

Surreal, melting hand brooch will always be a favourite of mine. It has a cuff and ring detail; I like the idea of my jewellery wearing jewellery. 

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